ausMMO. A new home for mmo gamers in Australia. Ok, and kiwis too – fine! I was going to go with “anzacMMO”, but felt it was disrespectful to the real ANZACs.

Seriously though: welcome mate. This site is all about mates. About community. And that starts with you. This is a place to talk shit, find old mates, check out MMOs, find guilds, get info, read write ups and generally get your game on.

Cold Fury.  Veni Vidi Vici.  Southern Legion. Aurora Noctum. Reverence. Vendetta. Bloody Convicts. vF. If you recognise these names, you’ve got mates here. And you can find em, no matter what game they currently play. Which is the whole point of this site. To keep mates in contact and help everyone get a foot up, no matter wtf you wanna do.

ausMMO? WTF?

People make mates. Groups of mates then make guilds and recruit new people. People leave games, guilds merge, die and reform in new games or on different servers. People start new games, look for old mates in new guilds then search for resources and info. The whole time hoping that this new game is worth it.

The whole point is to keep people in contact with other MMO gamers and guilds. People aren’t bound to a single guild in a single game or guild – players shift around constantly. That’s just MMO gaming works now. So its about time that we recognised this, and build something that everyone can use and benefit from. Have a place where someone can look for old friends just to catch up, or research who is in a game they are going to, to see if they already have a network of mates there. There’s nothing worse than playing an MMO for a month and realising you joined the wrong server, or that 10 guys you knew from an old guild are on a different server…

Spanka’s Bullshit

Yep, its Spanka again, typing pages of bollox that hardly anyone reads 😛

MMO gaming is built (and dependent on) communities; those communities start with you. Its getting to the stage where half the aussie/NZ mmo community knows the other half, and every new game you check out, you see familiar names and guilds. Lets get our shit together for real. For players, guilds make or break your experience – so find strong, active, SUITABLE guilds here. For guilds, players are your ONLY resource to be successful or not. So stick around – be a part of it and hopefully, finding quality guilds and gamers becomes less of a chore.