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Everquest II Destiny of Velious Expansion Pre Orders


Destiny-of-Velious-Box-ArtEverquest II today opened the pre orders for the Everquest II Destiny of Velious expansion, through until Feb 22nd 2011, when the price of this expansion increases by approx $30, so if Everquest II is your thing, now is the time to buy.

New Features of Destiny of Velious

The new expansion is set to go live and encompasses a large array of new features, including flying mounts which I know will be a favourite among gamers. Information currently available suggest these flying mounts will be useable all over Norrath, which will change the way the game is played, and substantially increase the rate of levelling for new characters.

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Station Cash – WTF?

Station Dolars & Everquest

Station Dolars & EverquestOk, so a while back, SoE introduced “Exchange” servers – servers specifically where people could buy and sell items & cash, just like real plat sellers do.  This (IMO) was a good idea, as it was done on a separate server (ie: isolated from servers where you had to ‘earn’ your items & cash) and it catered to a need that was obviously quite large – gold selling & related trades.

Please don’t take that as an endorsement of the industry, but if an industry exists, then its a desired service.  Much like drugs or prostitution: it may be distasteful, but there’s enough people that want it, else there wouldn’t be people peddling it, now would there? But moving right along…

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Everquest II – Its Big!

Such a sexeh bish

Such a sexeh bishWell, I played EQ2 years ago, back when Desert of Flames was the biggest expansion.  I’ve recently gone back to potter around for a bit and enjoy some old and new content.  And let me say one thing, this game is BIG.  One of the first things I did was start to compile a list of places to go, cool dungeons to pwn, nameds to kill, Heritage Quests to complete and Signature Quest Lines to finish.  That list came out at over 2 pages long, and I’d only done 3 or so expansions.

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Expansion: The Shadow Odyssey

The_Shadow_Odyssey Box Art

The_Shadow_Odyssey Box ArtWell, as you may or may not have guessed, its late and Im struggling for content a bit here.  I’m wanting to get this front end of ausMMO up and running as quickly as possible and that means news and content for you guys to read.  Now I’ve got heaps of feeds, which provide an absolute wealth of information everytime another site even THINKS about twitching, but its just not the same as news with an aussie flavour, now is it?

So. Everquest II: The Shadow Odyssey – its the newest (fifth!) expansion released about a month ago.  Impressively, it was released almost simultaneously with an expansion in Everquest.  Why is that impressive? Because even after all these years, BOTH of those games have an active dev team that is adequately funded to bring new content to both of these titles.  For those of you who have played other MMO’s, you’ll know that this is NOT necessarily a given and that it is a reassuring sign for the game involved.

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