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Everquest – the game that keeps addicting

Classic Everquest - Project 1999

For those of you that haven’t heard about it, there is an EQ Emulator server platform out there, allowing people to install, configure and customise their own EQ server.  This technology has been around for a while and maybe isn’t news to a lot of you.

Recently, an EQ Emu server by the name of Project 1999 has been gaining momentum and more importantly, population.  The server is 4 months old and already has over 400 players on during peak (american) times.  During aussie peak times, it is usual to see around 200 players booting around the world. Project 1999 is making a splash because of one thing and one thing only:

The developers have re-created a very close copy of Everquest as it was as of day 1

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Station Cash – WTF?

Station Dolars & Everquest

Station Dolars & EverquestOk, so a while back, SoE introduced “Exchange” servers – servers specifically where people could buy and sell items & cash, just like real plat sellers do.  This (IMO) was a good idea, as it was done on a separate server (ie: isolated from servers where you had to ‘earn’ your items & cash) and it catered to a need that was obviously quite large – gold selling & related trades.

Please don’t take that as an endorsement of the industry, but if an industry exists, then its a desired service.  Much like drugs or prostitution: it may be distasteful, but there’s enough people that want it, else there wouldn’t be people peddling it, now would there? But moving right along…

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Everquest 2009!


everquest-10-yearsSony Entertainment recently sent out an email to many of their account holders. The content of this email was largely routine, but there was one vital piece of info that set many minds afire – there’s a new EQ server being voted on and announced in March 2009. Considering that this server will mark the tenth anniversary of Everquest, what is more fitting than a brand new progression server?

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Everquest – the Intro

Everquest - The original

Everquest - The originalAs you may know, Everquest (original) has advised that there will be a brand new server opened in March 2009 to mark the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of Everquest. Everquest is a game that every MMO’er has heard talked about. Usually of fond memories, shared pain, amazing achievements and absolutely ridiculous time sinks. All of this is true, and more. Here, I hope to capture the smallest part of Everquest for those of you who have never experienced the love/hate existence that was Evercrack.

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