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The New Google Maps

Amazing Google Maps

Amazing Google MapsThe next time you visit Google Maps, you’re probably going to see a little Google advertisement asking you if you’d like to check out the new Google Maps.

I recommend that you do so – it is flat out amazing.  I also recommend taking “the tour” and follow the instructions.  Normally I ignore such things (Instructions? Don’t need em!), but today, I’m glad I didn’t.

Gaming Tweak Programs – Easy Mode Wins


I’ve found two programs recently – one that I know is awesome and one that looks awesome, but I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

I’m not a big hardware geek – never have been.  It’s always been easier to buy the 2nd or 3rd best graphics card on the market, along with the 2nd or 3rd best CPU available. And because I’m not a big hardware geek, I’m also not a big hardware settings geek.  Which makes these two programs look pretty damn sweet.

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