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Player Interview: Aranoth – The Forehead!

Interview with Aaranoth, The Forehead

Interview with Aaranoth, The ForeheadThis time, I’ve managed to wrangle an interview out of Aranoth, currently playing Vanguard with the guild Reverence on the Seradon server.  Well known for his dry wit and unholy love of all things paladin, Ara has generously given some of his time give a bit of insight into the player unaffectionately known as “The Forehead” (from his days as an Erudite Pally in EQ)…

What character names have you used that people may recognise?
Aranoth a.k.a. Forehead, the Forehead.

Current age?

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Player Interview : Rait

Interview with Rait, Nukeman Extraordinaire

Interview with Rait, Nukeman ExtraordinairePlayer interview #2 – Rait.  He’s probably one of the BEST ‘fragile DPS’ class players I’ve had the pleasure of gaming with.  So without further ado, lets dig into Rait’s head just a little bit with his views on MMORPGs, guilds and the usual bollox.

What character names have you used that people may recognise?
Going back as far as I can remember I have used the name battletank in my first mmo days then switched to Rait soon after..followed by alts along the lines of Raiter, Raitar, Raiteran ect… I like people being able to find me!  So really the only name you need to find me is Rait.

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Player Interview : Klintz

Interview with Klintz, Glacial GM

Interview with Klintz, Glacial GMIn what I hope to be a solid series of insights into various ‘known players’ around the shop, here is the first: a player interview with Klintz, guild leader of Glacial (WoW) and a long standing MMO freak (just like the rest of us….)

What character names have you used that people may recognise?
Klintz, Leliah, Azfebigor.

Current age?
23 Years Young.

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