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Gaming Tweak Programs – Easy Mode Wins


I’ve found two programs recently – one that I know is awesome and one that looks awesome, but I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

I’m not a big hardware geek – never have been.  It’s always been easier to buy the 2nd or 3rd best graphics card on the market, along with the 2nd or 3rd best CPU available. And because I’m not a big hardware geek, I’m also not a big hardware settings geek.  Which makes these two programs look pretty damn sweet.

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Core Gamers and Free to Play

Some twitter feedback on FTP

Some twitter feedback on FTPJust stumbled onto a great article by IGN – Why Core Gamers Hate Free-To-Play.  Strangely, a lot of his points mirror my views on loot distribution – the reality and/or integrity isn’t the issue, it’s the perception of the player that’s crucial.  Even when it’s 100% above board, if it can be perceived negatively, it will be – and then it’s a morale and/or political issue within the game/guild.

Both are about player trust.  Personally, I prefer pay to play games – every time.  It’s my perception of quality and the idea that what I have is what I’ve earned, like those around me.  I never doubt that my gear, or my mate’s gear is purchased – it is earned with skill and bloody fingers and late night wipes.  Is this accurate? Probably not, but it’s my perception and that’s what dictates my personal views.

Similarly with DKP (without class restrictions) – what I wear is what I raided for.  And there’s no questions to the contrary, because it’s transparent.  But with loot council (which I still personally prefer), there’s always that doubt – was it favouritism?  Is that ho banging the guild/raid/class leader?  Why do these guys shaft me on loot?   It’s easy to get the perception of bias, favouritism and inequity.  Personally, I’ve never had those issues, but I’ve seen it many times from many other players.

Anyways, enough dribbling – check out: Why Core Gamers Hate Free-to-Play by Justin Davis.

zomg! Bots are against the EULA?

WoW -vs- Glider!

WoW -vs- Glider!Quoting the introparagraph at

Judge’s ruling that WoW bot violates DMCA is troubling

Glider, a popular WoW bot, took another hit on Wednesday as a federal judge ruled that the product went beyond copyright infringement to being a circumvention device under the DMCA. The decision raises serious questions about the legal status of interoperability and competition in the software industry.

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Are You Playing the Right MMO?

very uninspired right now...

very uninspired right now...So there’s a lot of titles out there in the MMORPG market. All of them have different aspects, features and drawcards that may or may not appeal to you.  Yet more and more, people are playing games that they perhaps don’t love, but are content enough to stick with.  Of course, moving to a new game is always an irritating process, with no guarantees as to enjoyment and certainly no guarantees as to landing in a capable guild that will take you everywhere you want to go.

This article deals with some of the more common titles and reasons to play/not play them with your time and dollars.

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