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Summerfest Is Back

Bahmi's are sexeh in bikinis...

Bahmi's are sexeh in bikinis...To be 100% honest with you, I must have missed the first one, but then, I’ve never been much of one for in-game thematic stuff.

But Summerfest is “back” with Rift’s usual bundle of fluff-stuff for the in game collector…

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Rift – Still Strong and now FTP

Rift is still awesome

Rift is still awesomeAnd even more so since it went FTP around June 12, 2013.  It continues to release new content faster than any other MMO in history and continues to deliver a whole crop full of new carrots to chase/earn/grind.

If you thought it was dead, you were wrong.

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Rift Update – Scott Haartsman interview

Rift is still awesome

Rift is still awesomeRecently, Scott Haartsman did a live interview with regarding Rift. The full video is here:

For those of you who want the highlights of what is changing and what is being added, read on!.

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Unofficial Oceanic Rift Server


Defiants-and-GuardiansThe question for many upcoming MMO release is all about server selection for aussies and oceanics.  “Which Rift server is the unofficial oceanic server?” or perhaps “Which Rift server are the aussies going to?”  Well Nysana of Reverence did the work to get some Australian and Oceanic guild leaders to ausMMO to hash it out and make a decision.

UPDATE: Laethys is now the official oceanic server.  All aussie guilds have congregated there.

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Rift Beta 4 Over

Rift is still awesome

Rift is still awesomeThis weekend just past, Rift finished its beta 4 run.  The verdict? Holy crap its good.  The rest of this article is just going to be me brain dumping my thoughts/impressions on 4 days solid of beta 4.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s only 2 things in Rift I’ve seen that are “innovative” or “new”.  The class system is innovative and extremely well done – in such a way that it will largely eliminate class balancing issues come group/raid time.  The rift/invasion system is also fairly innovative – think dynamically generated public quests from Warhammer,  but slightly more ring-event’ish.

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