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New Content in Vanguard, Saga of Heroes


Vanguard-LogoMore than any other MMO of late, Vanguard has been criticised for its ‘lack of content’.  This isn’t an entirely valid accusation, as the content was ‘slow to arrive’, not non existent.  And, in Sony’s defense (who picked up an underfunded game from Sigil, headed by Brad McQuaid), they took a buggy and semi-broken game and made it workable, while ironing out a lot of kinks and improving performance ten fold.

Recently, Sony introduced quite a bit of new content into Vanguard, that will be applicable to players of all levels.  New class/race mixes, fishing and galleons, all added on the back of some recently added overland raid content.  Suddenly, Vanguard doesn’t have such a “lack of content”…  My comments are in italics.

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Vanguard Write Up

I just couldn't find a screenshot to do the game's graphics justice...
I just couldn't find a screenshot to do the game's graphics justice...

I just couldn’t find a screenshot to do the game’s graphics justice…

Recently, an old guildie of mine wanted to “check out” Vanguard, Saga of Heroes.  In the forums, there was a bit of discussion on it and I thought it would make a fine introduction to the Vanguard section here at ausMMO.  Vanguard is a “small” mmo, with only four servers running, one of which is a FFA PVP server.

There is only one major aussie guild that I know of (Reverence) operating on the Seradon server.  Reverence raids often, is a close knit community and looks after its own (shameless plug there. I *liked* being a member of Reverence very much, even though I still don’t like the name :P)

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