A guest post by Beiffon, Karvanu, Loosey or whatever other weirdo name he’s running around with these days!

Many CorpsesBy now you have all heard about the Artificial Intelligence that is going to be a key feature of EQN. If not let me take you on a journey, picture this…

I am sure you all remember walking through West Karana minding your own business with a burning desire to should RANGER DOWN and a coin purse overflowing with sweet plats, Only to see near the crossroads a marauding band of brigands. Normally you would just skirt past these vagabonds without a care in world, turning around once or twice to make sure you were not being followed.

Why was it so simple even at lower levels to get around Norath without getting killed?

We all knew where the mobs spawned, the mob may be static or even wander. However, every player knew exactly what that mob was going to do, what their factions were and how large their agro radius was. There were no real surprises.

This is not the case with EQN.

Let’s revisit our brigand example. In EQN the brigands could be influenced by money or they may simply desire bloody revenge on all Rangers or even prefer to be nomads and wander the earth looking for someone to just love them. The AI in EQN will decide their traits. The brigands may decide that they are not getting enough money where they currently are camped so they may decide to head off searching for a more traffic path in search of the all mighty coin. They may leave everyone alone except Rangers which they hunt down and punish gangbang style. Or simply move somewhere were we never see them again. The AI will decide.

In short one day you may see a mob in one location, the next time past that mob may be off somewhere totally different, you may run around a corner and BAMMMM…there he is. The adventure and discovery is back. Lube time!!!

Some questions to ponder…

  1. Will quest mobs behave the same? Imagine Hasten Bootstrutter, not knowing where his path is
  2. Rare spawns will they be even harder to track down? The AC decides he prefers to hang with a void demon
  3. Will NPC’s suddenly decide you have too much plat and gang you? Freeport guards need more plat for a party