Most of the videos I’ve seen are reminiscing, or montages, or perhaps just fan vids that are only tangentially related to Everquest Next.

Not happy.

Here’s some real ones.

Everquest – What’s Next?

Omeed Darini (EQ Brand Manager) and Dave Georgeson (EQ Executive Producer). A couple of minutes on EQ and a heap on EQ2 first up. Skip ahead to 14minutes where several EQ Next devs join the show.

& Dave are joined by:

  • Terry Michaels – Senior Producer EQN
  • Derryn McPearson – Lead design
  • Rosie Rappaport – Art Director
  • Jeff Butler – Creative Director Interview with Dave Georgeson

MMORPG sits down with Dave Georgeson. More of a philosophical discussion on gaming and what gaming is about than anything else. It’s interesting though that Dave circles around the idea of the competitiveness of gaming and the ability to be “better” than another player…

Curse Interview Dave Georgeson & Linda Carlson

Jess @ Curse Gaming interviews Dave Georgeson & Linda Carlson regarding Everquest Next, the FTP model and allowing different types of players to “win” in a way that suits them.

NOTE: they also extensively discuss UGC – user generated content and how SOE’s Player Studio is the framework where player-created content is ‘inevitable’.