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Massively Interview with Smed

SOE observed what was happening with Rift, SWTOR, Secret World and other really well delivered MMOs.  Quality didn’t matter – people love the games, churn through the content and leave.  So clearly, something about the genre needs to be done differently.

So they made a definitive decision to “do it differently” – scrapped the game twice.  One piece worth quoting:

You’re still going to recognize the roleplaying game heritage in it. In EverQuest Next, the world itself is a part of the game. What is the world in these other games? It’s a simple backdrop. It’s nothing. We are changing that greatly. We’re changing what AI is in these games to a degree that we’re going to bring life to the world.

Raid content delivery is tough – too long to make, too fast to consume, too few of the overall community enjoy it for what it is. This content type still needs to appear, but the world around it needs to change to keep interest and interaction between raid content releases

A lot of current raid / end game content is rinse and repeat gameplay that’s got to change.

My take on it is that it’s all a bit obvious. Everyone knows game devs cannot keep up enough content releases to keep people happy – never happens. And of course, if you want a different result, you must do that thing differently.

I must admit that the AI take on things is cool though – if you can get AI right, then not only do you have UGC and “users as content” (ala PvP), you also have the world reacting and morphing to the actions of large numbers of people. Suddenly, your game is a platform with which the game is created and devs are adding to what is already growing, instead of being the sole source of “cool new shit”.

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EQ Next Player Input Panel #2

Smedley: less classes. More like eq1.Smedley: the original idea for guild halls was they would be in the world. We didn’t want to instance it. If it was possible to do, programming wise, we wouldn’t instance anything but dungeons.Smedley: what if we had a hardcore server with raiding and corpse runs on it’s own server? (huge applause)

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