Some twitter feedback on FTPJust stumbled onto a great article by IGN – Why Core Gamers Hate Free-To-Play.  Strangely, a lot of his points mirror my views on loot distribution – the reality and/or integrity isn’t the issue, it’s the perception of the player that’s crucial.  Even when it’s 100% above board, if it can be perceived negatively, it will be – and then it’s a morale and/or political issue within the game/guild.

Both are about player trust.  Personally, I prefer pay to play games – every time.  It’s my perception of quality and the idea that what I have is what I’ve earned, like those around me.  I never doubt that my gear, or my mate’s gear is purchased – it is earned with skill and bloody fingers and late night wipes.  Is this accurate? Probably not, but it’s my perception and that’s what dictates my personal views.

Similarly with DKP (without class restrictions) – what I wear is what I raided for.  And there’s no questions to the contrary, because it’s transparent.  But with loot council (which I still personally prefer), there’s always that doubt – was it favouritism?  Is that ho banging the guild/raid/class leader?  Why do these guys shaft me on loot?   It’s easy to get the perception of bias, favouritism and inequity.  Personally, I’ve never had those issues, but I’ve seen it many times from many other players.

Anyways, enough dribbling – check out: Why Core Gamers Hate Free-to-Play by Justin Davis.