I’ve found two programs recently – one that I know is awesome and one that looks awesome, but I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

I’m not a big hardware geek – never have been.  It’s always been easier to buy the 2nd or 3rd best graphics card on the market, along with the 2nd or 3rd best CPU available. And because I’m not a big hardware geek, I’m also not a big hardware settings geek.  Which makes these two programs look pretty damn sweet.

Razer Game Booster

A free program created by Razer to “give your game a boost”.  And it works.  You wouldn’t believe how many little things are chewing away at your bandwidth and memory while you game.  The less powerful your system, the more important this is.  And it’s totally free – get Razer Game Booster here.

What it does: Really simple actually – it’s a program that allows you to set up system settings that go along with a specific game launching.  It basically turns off all the additional services and background programs automatically when you launch Game X.  It reduces your computer to a barebones software install so that only the stuff necessary for gaming hard is actually running.  And when you finish your game, it reinstates what was running before you launched.

Super easy.

Using It: Again – really simple.  A whole bundle of checkboxes and switches – turn as much or as little off as you want.

My Results: In Rift, Wysh and I went from 320 pings to 220.  Arguably, our net connection isn’t the best, but we shed 100ms by using it.  Fairly impressive.

GeForce Experience

Like the Curse Client for Nvidia cards, GeForce Experience keeps your drivers up to date.  But more importantly, it optimizes your card settings for you.  I haven’t tested this yet, but I reckon it’s a good idea – if you have tested it, please leave some comments below for others.  You can check out GeForce Experience for free here. Their video also has a couple of nice examples of PhysX technology differences.

What it does: Keeps your drivers up to date (notifications only, allegedly) and connects you to NVidia’s cloud center.  The cloud center consolidates tens of thousands of device settings, game configs and performance rates – and then calculates the best settings for you based on your card/system/game.

Using it: Install it, run it and play some games.

My Results: Haven’t tried it yet.

Well, that’s my two program tips for the day.  Or probably year.  Meh.  I absolutely recommend Game Booster for anyone who wants to squeeze a bit more out of their gaming rig.  And GeForce Experience?  I think it’s far more valuable for folks with budget rigs – my game settings are usually “slide to max”, minus a couple of spell vomit effects so I can freaking see mobs on raid.